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Four-Legged Superstar

Rocky is not just a team member; he’s our four-legged superstar! He have a way of brightening everyone’s day. You might even catch him giving the occasional paw of approval on a fresh cut. Rocky truly embodies the spirit of our shop and is loved by everyone who visits.


Senior Barber

Introducing Ermand, our detail-oriented barber with five years of experience in modern barbering. From French crops to skin fades, he creates sharp looks that leave clients feeling confident. Beyond the barbershop, Ermand is dedicated to the gym, a healthy lifestyle and is an ardent Real Madrid fan. If you are looking for precise and stylish barbering, Ermand is your man.


Senior Barber

Meet Callum, our creative barber with a flair for innovative cuts. Clients love his infectious energy and lively football conversations, especially about the Saints. A visit to the barbershop with Callum is an unforgettable experience.


Senior Barber

Meet Valentino, our barber with a calming touch that makes every cut amazing. He excels in classic scissor cuts and slicked-back skin fades. Beyond the barbershop, he’s passionate about boxing in his free time. Experience exceptional style and relaxation with Valentino.

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